you can do it romaniwolf! :-D
can we see 100 captchas?!
grubleafeater on the rise, i see u
StaryKnight on a roll to the top!
StaryKnight becomes the first to break 100! Congrats!
he's not satisfied though... by how much can he extend his lead to a new challenger?
i wonder how many google street view signs we've collectively helped label from this incremental
in other news, StaryKnight now has over 2x the captchas of the current runner-up
someguy lookin' to take over -- what will he choose?
impervious has locked up #3, can he catch the top 2 off-guard?
reddit downtime --> perfect recaptcha clicker time
someguy takes the lead at 174, but will he change his vid from the default?
and the vid is chosen, nice!
impervious challenging right at 188!!
impervious becomes the first to break 200 stickin' with the rickroll
p.s. you need to use only the last 11 characters in the video URL, the video ID, for it to work!
some nice music comin' up!
impervious at 300! Nice job!