Harry Prevor

Bootcamp Prep Instructor, Foundations Mentor at Fullstack Academy

Full-stack software engineer also interested in GNU/Linux, system administration, data science, and system security, with a passion for track and field journalism and statistics


A universal search engine comparator that draws distinctions between people or concepts, with 95M+ entities for comparison

Node.js React Redux PostgreSQL Wikidata

GSA League Tracker

Created system for tracking and summarizing league performances for the Global Speedrun Association, featured at a live event in Laurel, MD

Python Chart.js Bootstrap

Swahili Wiktionary corpus work

Responsible for Lua scripts generating the world’s most comprehensive Swahili verbal conjugation template, also defined over 2,000 Swahili-language lemmas



Web crawler that scanned 500K+ LetsRun.com forum posts, using logic to provide automated responses to requests (e.g. obtaining best marks of athletes, comparing two athletes head-to-head record, etc.)

Python BeautifulSoup SQLite

McCarthy Math

Example of technical writing — Authored an article exploring implications of list-based arithmetic. Derived base-10 representation and several operations from only primitive LISP functions with no numerical data type.

Lisp Python